Sunday, April 7, 2013

Star Multipliers

My daughter's best friend is a Star Wars freak and I ADORE her.  So for her birthday I made a quick star wars inspired multiplication game. Of course, we also got her the Lalaloopsy she wanted (aren't they adorable).   That's what I love about my daughter and her friends, they love a little bit of everything.  :) 

So, if you need a quick simple multiplication game for your math stations.  Star Multipliers is just right for you. Students are asked to solve 0-9 multiplication facts. If the student gets the answer correct they keep the card. Incorrect answers are discarded. Special cards allow players- extra turns, lose a turn, lose all your cards and/or  take a card from another player. The game ends whenever the GAME OVER card is drawn. The Star Wars type images will  inspire all your kiddos to play.  Click here to purchase