Friday, May 27, 2011


    Wow- what a busy month.  My husband and I celebrated our 18th anniversary, our youngest graduated Kindergarten and we survived our oldest daughter Katie's first year of Middle School (6th grade).  The last was the one we were most worried about, but surprisingly Middle School wasn't as bad as we imagined.  I know I shouldn't have said that out loud or challenged the universe.   

    This year I've had the opportunity to work in two wonderful classrooms.  One was a 2nd grade classroom with several ELL students.  This was my first opportunity working with ELL students and I learned so much.  While I was working with them I continued taking a college Spanish course.  Let's just say- learning a foreign language at any age is hard but in your late 30's its feels impossible.  I also had the chance to work with Kindergartners this year and all I can say is -Wow!!  Kindergartners keep you on your toes and I loved it.  It was fun going from working on double digit subtraction to practicing counting by 5's every week.  I noticed that in both classrooms I tied a lot of shoes.  

    I'm sad to see this year end but I'm looking forward to next year.  I'll be working with 4th graders and Kindergartners again!  Thanks so much for following my blog, all the advice and the opportunity to share ideas.  I plan on still posting some items over the summer but with 2 busy girls this could be a challenge.  

Thanks again and have a FANTASTIC summer.

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  1. LOL on shoe-tying! I'm planning to put a note about it on my supply list this summer!

    Thanks for following me!! {} ReadWriteSing